Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Town! New Year! New Blog!

Last time you visited I was apologzing for not being around much and promising to be back to blogging soon. As you can see (with my last post being October 7th), that didn't happen. We were supposed to close on our old house and move into our new house on October 20th. Part of our closing agreement with the buyers of our new home was that we would be out of our house before closing because they needed to move in that day. So, all of our furniture was in the moving truck, power and other utilites turned off, and we were driving to Birmingham when we received a phone call saying that there was a problem and we would not be closing the following day. Eek! Long story short - we finally closed on Novemeber 30th (nearly 6 weeks later) and got to move into our new house a few days later. We finally have internet and I'm back - for real this time!

So, with all this newness in our lives (new town, new house, etc.) I wanted to start fresh again with everything including this blog.

This week I'm going to be focusing on getting organized. Now is a great time to clean out your coupons and get caught up on any coupon clipping you might be behind on. The majority of last year's coupons expired on the 31st.

If you're trying to get your budget organize HERE is a fantastic spreadsheet to help you keep up with your grocery expenses/savings.

I'm also going to be reorganizing/unpacking our "office" this week. With tax season right around the corner, I want to make sure all of our paperwork is back in it's place so that filing our taxes is a quick and painless (or just less painful) task.

You may notice that all of my previous posts are missing except for one. I was running out of blog memory (too many pictures posted) and decided to just start from scratch.