Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Great Deals on Diapers and Wipes!!

Wow! Just as we were getting low on diapers and wipes these two deals come along! I've been doing a happy dance all morning over this!

If you need wipes, you need to run (seriously, RUN) to CVS right now. This BIG refill packs of Huggies wipes are ringing up 2 for $5.00 (same price as the little tubs) right now. If you got any of the home-mailer coupons (I haven't since we moved) start stocking up on super cheap wipes. These deals are hard to come by.

If you need diapers, check out diapers.com. If it's your first time to order with them, they're offering a great deal right now. Put at least $49 worth of products in your cart (I did an extra large case of Pampers and a jumbo size of Pampers Easy-Ups). Use code FUNATHOME to get $10 off your order. Then print off this form to receive a refund for $14.97 (unless you really want the magazine subscription). I've also been saving my Pampers Gifts to Grow points for a while and cashed them in for a $10 gift certificate to diapers.com (=1000 points).

So, I paid just under $35 for all of those diapers and I'm getting $14.97 back! That makes it right around .11 per diaper! Just did anothe happy dance!

If you go through Ebates you can get 1-4% cash back. I've never used the two sites together, so I'm not sure how they determine how much you get back. But it's still a fantastic deal without that little extra!