Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Having A Garden in a Small Backyard

Yep.  That's what we've been working on this week.  My dear, sweet husband has built a box garden for me.  And after he did that and filled it with wonderful organic soil, I decided that my box garden would be even prettier and more productive with a pergola built over it.  At first, there was excitement over this idea and then a lot of grumbling when we realized it would have been much easier to have had that idea before we filled the box with dirt.

But my dear, sweet (can't emphasize that enough) husband (who is so patient with my GREAT ideas) is working on getting it built.

I've got all of my Buy-One-Get-One Free Organic plants from Home Depot and my free Topsy Turveys that I got with reward points and some free seeds a friend gave us.  Now, if we could just find time to get it all in the ground (like I should be doing now).

Pictures soon!