Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fireplace: Keep It or Toss It?

I love fireplaces - the smell of the fire burning, the cozy warmth and soft glow.  There's nothing better.  I just don't like my fireplace.  It doesn't burn wood, just expensive gas.  It doesn't warm the room, it makes it uncomfortably hot in just minutes.  And then there's that UGLY hole above it.  Ick!

(Sorry for the dark, fuzzy picture.)
I know I could cover up the hole and I love having a mantle to hang stockings on at Christmas.  If we removed the fireplace, though, we would have a lot of extra floor space.

Since I'm having a hard time deciding what to do, I thought I'd get some other opinions. 

Should I keep the fireplace or get rid of it?


~*kHb*~ said...

Will your TV not fit into that hole...I think you could make it work by filling in the whole and keeping the mantle.

Holly said...

Our TV does fit, but you can't put anything on the mantle if it's there because it gets in the way of the TV. We also have a very pretty piece of furniture that can hold/hide the TV so that it is not the focus of the room.