Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why Buying in Bulk Isn't Always Better

Buying in bulk seems to be a pretty popular way to save money.  If you buy the big bag it is generally supposed to be less expensive, right?  Not always.  It's very important to compare the prices per pound, ounce, etc. and to check and see if a coupon can help you save even more money.

Example:  A 20 pound bag of Mahatma Long Grain Rice is on sale at Publix this week for 7.99 a bag (reg. 12.99).
                 A 1 pound bag is priced at 1.19 each.  You definitely save money buying the GIANT bag - if you don't use a coupon.

I had some .50 coupons (which double to 1.00) the each of the one pound bags below, making them .19 ea.

So, I could have bought the big bag for 7.99, making it .40 per pound.

Instead, I bought 1 pound bags and used my coupons making it only .19 per pound and cut the price of the rice in half!