Thursday, June 10, 2010

Going Green = Big Savings

Over the past year we've made some changes in our house that are both environmentally friendly and economical. 

  • We don't use paper towels.  We use wash cloths and towels.  If I can get a roll for free I will use it occasionally when I'm cooking, but for cleaning, I stick strictly to things I can throw in the wash and re-use.  One roll of paper towels last us 2-3 months.

  • We don't use paper napkins.  I buy cloth napkins when I can find them on clearance (about 1.50/pack).  Then I just toss them in with our daily load of laundry.  Our girls get excited about using "fancy" napkins too.

  • We use Tupperware instead of plastic bags whenever we can. 
Just these three things save us tons of money every year.  What are some tips you have that are environmentally and economically friendly?


Michelle said...

we do the same holly! i only get paper products when they are pennies or free :) we have started doing the homemade detergents and cleaners too. i have found that to be cheaper most of the time than even what i could do with coupons and it is fun and i know what is going into it :)

Morgan said...

Hey Holly!
Another tip: use club soda in a spray bottle for a glass cleaner! No streaks and the kiddos can help!

Miss you guys!